How to Stay Safe Driving on the Interstate Next to Semi-Trucks

Preventing Big Rig Crashes and Dealing With the Accidents That Occur

semi-truck accidents Semi-truck accidents are frighteningly common in Texas. The victims of big rig crashes may be able to seek compensation from the responsible parties, but they will need the assistance of a Houston truck accident attorney to ensure that the award is sufficient to cover the damages suffered. This type of help is available from the Sandoval Law Firm, PLLC. There are also some things motorists can do to avoid such accidents in the first place.

Big Rig Hazards

The heavy truck traffic on the roads and highways of Texas creates special risks for the traveling public, especially in the event of an accident. A tractor-trailer rig may weigh as much as 20 times that of an automobile, a fact that greatly increases the chance of serious injury or death when these two types of vehicles collide. The key to survival is of course prevention, which is possible if motorists follow certain rules.

Sharing the Road With Semi-Trucks

It is important for drivers to avoid semi-truck “blind spots,” which are on either side of the vehicle and slightly behind the cab. Motorists should also avoid driving close behind big rigs because of obstructions to visibility for both them and the truck drivers. Motorists who pass trucks should exert caution when returning to the same lane, only doing so when the vehicle is visible in the rearview mirror. Unfortunately, drivers who follow the rules may still experience accidents, after which they should seek the services of a Houston semi-truck accident attorney.

The Need for Compensation

Monetary damages may be sought to cover the cost of medical care and the other expenses of a tractor-trailer accident. However, a successful lawsuit will require intervention by a Houston semi-truck accident lawyer. This is why the victims of semi-truck accidents should contact the Sandoval Law Firm,PLLC at (346) 347-7777.

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