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Texas Work Injury Lawyer

Hector L. Sandoval

Houston Attorney Hector L. Sandoval has represented Injured Workers all over Texas AND IN OVER HALF OF THE UNITED STATES. Helping the injured worker get well as soon as possible and holding the negligent employer responsible is HIS FIRM’S number one priority.

Whether you’ve just recently suffered a work injury, or you’ve been struggling with the insurance company now for several months, we know how frustrating it is when your employer or the insurance representatives are not helping you find out what is truly going on with your health. And even when you finally get to the doctor, can you really trust them? Why can’t you see a doctor of your choice? These are all valid concerns and don’t get it wrong if your gut is telling you that you’re not getting the medical attention you deserve, then you need to seek legal advice NOW from a Texas Work Injury Lawyer. Houston Attorney Hector L. Sandoval focuses on providing you with sound legal advice, protecting your rights, your family and, aggressively advancing your case through the legal process of litigation.

Practice Areas

Sandoval Law Firm, PLLC handles all types of personal injury cases. Attorney Sandoval has worked on railroad worker cases (FELA), cases where a death was caused by a drunk driver, injury cases resulting in death of a family member, serious car wrecks, crashes with big trucks (18-Wheeler), serious injuries resulting from hidden dangers on property, dangerous animal attacks, and injuries resulting from use of dangerous medications or medical devices.

Serious Work Injuries (Texas Injured Workers)

If there is one thing that certain, Texans love to work and make an honest living. Unfortunately, with the rapid job growth and the demands to meet production, employers and management often get caught short cutting job safety which often results in serious injuries to employees. Hardworking Texans deserve a workplace that is free of these recognized hazards. When employers compromise safety, injured workers need to know what rights they have so they can get back to work and putting food on the table for their family. Learn More

Devasting Traffic Accidents (18-Wheeler Crashes)

Every day Texas highways serve as evidence of a strong economy. Within minutes, you can count up to fifty Big 18-Wheeler tractor trailers traveling on road with you! Big trucking companies and their drivers have very specific rules of the road they must follow but, sometimes they don’t! When big trucking companies compromise road safety and cause serious wrecks, victims and their family need to act quick so the evidence of violations are preserved and the trucking companies can be held accountable. Learn More

Non-Subscriber Employers (ERISA Employee Benefit Plans)

Getting injured on the job is frustrating enough but, add to that the fact that following the injury nobody wants to tell you what type of medical coverage and wage payments you may be entitled to and, you quickly start to feel that your life is spinning out of control. When your employer’s insurance company is dragging their feet on getting you answers, you need to get to the root of their coverage. Texas allows employers to provide coverage outside of the Texas Workers’ Compensation Program. These are Texas Non-Subscribers. Learn More

Third-Party Negligence (Multi-Company Worksites)

You and your company could be working at the job site following all the safety rules and doing things right when all of sudden, another company’s employee ignores his/her responsibility to act prudently. When a worker is injured because of another company’s negligence, the jobsite needs to be examined promptly so that any equipment or tools involved don’t get lost in the chaos and an injured worker can protect his rights. Learn More

Railroad Injuries (FELA)

Since 1908, the Federal Employers’ Liability Act has served to protect injured railroad workers. No matter how many safety rules railroads draw up, the industry is a very dangerous one that can lead to very serious injuries. Immediately after a railroad worker suffers an injury, the railroad immediately starts to investigate the cause. The injured railroad worker needs to do the same. Learn More

Slips, Trips and Falls (Premises Liability)

Landowners and companies that invite the public into their businesses must warn of any known or discoverable defects on that property. No matter how you slip, trip or fall, you need to be able to show that the owner knew of the problem existed on the property or had enough time to discovery it and should have corrected the dangerous condition. If they did could have done something about it and they didn’t even provide you a warning, they could be held responsible for your injury. Learn More

Wrongful Death Lawsuits (Survival Claims)

There isn’t anything harder on a family than loosing a loved one unexpectedly as a result of a work accident, a serious car wreck or, after a medical procedure or treatment. No one anticipates all the confusion and legal concerns that immediately arise after such an event. When your family is affected by sudden loss of a family member, the truth is, you’ll need to consult a lawyer about the rights of all those left behind. Those rights are determined by the surviving family members’ relation to the deceased. Learn More

The Sandoval Record of Success Case Results

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  • Premises SLIP AND FALL INJURY: Lower Back Injury

    Premises Liability: Shop keeper failed to correct a defect on their property and negligently caused client to slip and fall.

  • Work Related Injury WORK RELATED INJURY: Rotator Cuff Injury

    Work Injury: Employer Negligently Required employee to move stored merchandise Without providing the proper tools and equipment.

  • Work Related Injury WORK RELATED INJURY: Lower Back Disc Herniations

    Work Injury: Employer Negligently Required employee to work on icy and wet Surface without providing proper training and equipment.

  • Vehicle-Pedestrian Crash 18-WHEELER CRASH: Upper and Lower Back Injuries

    Big Truck Crash: Negligent big Rig driver backed into client’s vehicle Traveling on main road.

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