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Message From Hector L. Sandoval; Why Choose Sandoval?

Sandoval Law Firm, PLLC officially opened its doors in early 2019 with me, Houston attorney Hector L. Sandoval, at the head of business.  I’ve been in active practice since 2004 and I’ve worked at three previous firms, two of which I was an owner. Our firm handles all types of personal injury cases with a focus on representing the injured worker in Texas work injuries. I grew up working in the swimming pool maintenance, construction and repair business. From this experience, I learned to understand how certain industries work and how work injuries can occur when job safety is not top priority…. Continue Reading

What Kind of Coverage Does Your Employer Have For Work Injuries?

Suffering an injury at work has numerous consequences! And, without sound legal advice, you’re putting your future at risk!Who pays your wages and the doctors’ bills? What if you have to live with this injury for the rest of your life? In Texas, coverage for work injuries depends on Employer status: Are they a Texas Non-Subscriber? Are they Texas Self-Insured?Do they have Texas Worker’s Compensation?Or, are they UNINSURED? Texas Work Injury Attorney Hector Sandoval represents injured workers employed by Texas Non-Subscriber Companies. A Texas Non-Subscriber Employer is a company that does not subscribe or carry TEXAS WORKERS’ COMPENSATION INSURANCE. An injured worker… Continue Reading

What Are Texas Non-Suscribers?

If it looks like workers’ comp and sounds like workers’ comp, it must be workers’ comp right? TOTALLY WRONG! Even if your employer, the insurance company and the doctors call it workers’ compensation, you could have rights to file a lawsuit against your employer if their negligence caused your injury BECAUSE YOUR EMPLOYER COULD ACTUALLY BE A TEXAS NON-SUBSCRIBER! This means that the Company has its own insurance plan (Not Texas Workers’ Compensation) that provides benefits and covers injuries to employee while on the job. These are Non-Subscriber Employers. There are several companies that have their own insurance plans that cover injuries… Continue Reading

Why Can’t You Seem To Get An Quick And Honest Response From The Insurance Adjuster

When you’ve suffered a serious injury at work, the last thing you want to hear is that you can’t get medical care because the insurance hasn’t approved it! It’s not be accident that the employer, the insurance adjuster and the doctors all seem to be taking their time! The reason? It’s simple, the goal is for everyone to be on the same page as to how they are going to defend your case. Now this isn’t the case all the time. There are some companies do make their best effort to get injured employees the treatment they need. Unfortunately, their best efforts… Continue Reading

The Other Driver Ran the Red Light! Do I have a Case? It’s all about Coverage

When you’ve been in a seriously injured car wreck or a crash with a big truck (18-Wheeler), it seems that everyone is ready to tell you that you have the absolute best case against the other driver! The truth is, it all really depends on liability, coverage and the extent of your injuries! You have to be able to show that the other driver was more at fault than you in causing the car crash and that the injuries you suffered are related to the crash. Finally, you have to find out if there’s insurance coverage! Determining coverage can be difficult and… Continue Reading