Texas Teenage Driver Safety Tips

teenage driver

A Texas driver’s license avails a teen to increased responsibilities. That license also avails Texas teens to increased dangers that we all want to avoid. The following driving tips create responsible driving habits. The Sandoval Law Firm PLLC wants to maximize teen safety on the road. We want them to learn consistent safe driving habits from the following tips.

Buckle Up
Any Houston car accident attorney will strongly advise that whether you are a driver or passenger, your seat belt should be buckled at all times. The overwhelming number of teen traffic deaths occurs when the victim was not buckled up.

Turn the Phone Off
Our knowledgeable and experienced Houston accident lawyer wants to warn teens about texting, talking on a phone or inputting navigational information into a it while driving are all dangerous activities. Driver distraction is a significant factor in teenage road deaths.

Speed Kills
Young drivers are far more impulsive than older and more experienced drivers. Aside from the fact that you can kill yourself by speeding, traffic tickets are expensive, and your insurance will be affected for years.

Watch the Weather
Even though Texas doesn’t get much snow, it still gets rain and ice. Visibility becomes limited, stopping distances increase and maneuverability decreases. The fact that a person is driving at the speed limit could be irrelevant. He or she might still be driving too fast for weather conditions.

Limit Passengers
The more passengers that there are in a car, the more the risks and distractions are likely to be. The risk of a fatality in an accident also increases significantly.

Our Houston car accident lawyer wants teen drivers to drive like responsible adult drivers. If you were injured in an accident anywhere around Houston that was caused by a careless and negligent driver, contact our Houston car accident lawyer here at the Sandoval Law Firm PLLC right away.




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