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In Texas, there is no other industry that has proven to produce more jobs than the oil and gas industry. Whether you are in the supply line or in operations, a byproduct of the industry can be injuries to employees and workers on the oil patch or those working offshore. The equipment and tools involved in this work are large, heavy and are usually being operated under very strenuous and high-pressure circumstances. The potential for worker injury is high.

By its very nature, oil fields and offshore platforms can be hazardous sites to workers when safety rules are not implemented, enforced or just simply ignored. The demands to meet production deadlines and the stresses that can be caused by equipment breakdown or other conditions on the site can often lead to companies taking shortcuts on safety, hiring unqualified personnel or, working with faulty or malfunctioning tools and equipment. Also, oil field and offshore workers have also suffered serious injuries or have been killed as they were traveling to the worksite.

When companies in the oil industry are found to have ignored the very specific safety rules that must be followed in order to reduce the risk of injury to workers, they need to be held responsible. At times, these companies think with their pockets first and compromise safety or use failing equipment, oil field and offshore workers can be seriously injured or killed. Injured workers and their families can be left wondering how they will pay for growing medical bills, lost wages or, whether the injured individual will ever be able to work again. These are all concerns our firm focuses on when representing injured Texan workers.

If you’ve been injured on the job and you don’t know whether the company, the general contractor or another contractor on the job site could be held responsible for your injury, call Houston Work Injury Attorney Hector L. Sandoval and get the representation that you deserve! Sandoval Law Firm, PLLC helps injured workers. Call 346-347-7777 for a free and informative consultation!

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