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Texas Work Injuries
Cause by Negligent Third-Parties

Work injuries can happen under all types of scenarios. Texas workers can suffer an injury on the job and their employer hasn’t done anything negligent to cause the injury. The injury could have been caused by a negligent employee from another company on the job site or, it could even have been caused by a negligent private citizen driving on roadways. This is what is considered a third-party case.

These cases often go overlooked because the employee generally looks to the employer for coverage and assistance with medical care and wage benefits. Because the employee was injured on the job and is receiving benefits under his employer’s insurance, considering whether there is a third-party case is important because you may not get all the compensation or wage benefits to get you through the injury. Therefore, the possibility of pursuing a case against a responsible third party can help make the injured worker while if his employer’s insurance has limitations.

There are special circumstances that give rise to a third-party case when equipment and tools on the job have failed to work as they were designed by the manufacturers. Like cases involving dangerous products, medical devices, and pharmaceutical drugs, the equipment and tools used on the job site can fail and cause serious injuries or death. If you’re injured on the job and you believe that you may have a potential third-party case or a products’ liability case because the incident involved failing equipment, contact Houston Work Injury Lawyer Hector L. Sandoval so that you can explore these possibilities more thoroughly. It doesn’t matter that you are already receiving coverage or benefits under your employer’s insurance, you could be entitled to bring a third-party claim against the person or company responsible for causing your injury.

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