What Are Texas Non-Suscribers?

If it looks like workers’ comp and sounds like workers’ comp, it must be workers’ comp right?


Even if your employer, the insurance company and the doctors call it workers’ compensation, you could have rights to file a lawsuit against your employer if their negligence caused your injury BECAUSE YOUR EMPLOYER COULD ACTUALLY BE A TEXAS NON-SUBSCRIBER! This means that the Company has its own insurance plan (Not Texas Workers’ Compensation) that provides benefits and covers injuries to employee while on the job. These are Non-Subscriber Employers. There are several companies that have their own insurance plans that cover injuries to employees. Some examples are: Stripes, Wal-Mart, Kroger, Academy, Home Depot, Target, La Michoacana Meat Market, HEB, and many other well-known companies in Texas.

Figuring out if you have benefits can be a difficult process and often times employers are not so willing to cooperate and help you figure it out. Therefore, if you are injured on the job, it is important you take the proper steps to make sure you haven’t affected your ability to claim your benefits.

Here are some recommendations from Sandoval Law Firm, if you are injured on the job

  1. Report the injury no matter how minor it may seem or if you don’t really know what type of injury you’ve suffered! Make sure you have discussed your INCIDENT with a supervisor and that it has been documented. The injury could show up later but at least you’ve documented how the incident occurred. VERY IMPORTANT!
  2. Seek medical treatment as soon as possible. If there is insurance and you have reported your injury, you should be receiving a call from an insurance representative to let you know where you can go for “Approved” medical care. If they don’t call you quickly, complain to everyone you can! VERY IMPORTANT!
  3. If you reported the injury and no one is contacting you and you are in pain, do not wait, go to the doctor or hospital and get seen by a medical professional. There is no reason to compromise your health just because the company’s insurance is dragging their feet.
  4. Don’t ignore your injury! Don’t decide not to report it because you don’t think it was a serious injury or because you think you can work through it. In the end, this doesn’t help you when you end up having to file the claim a few days or weeks later.
  5. Don’t sign anything and looks, smells our sounds like a release of liability. If the company, it’s representatives or anyone from the insurance company tells you that you have sign some forms before you can get treatment, contact us immediately so that we can review the document before you even consider signing anything!
  6. Call Sandoval Law Firm to discuss your options! It may be the last thing on your mind but, you need someone who is thinking clearly to help you get through the process and answer any questions you may have along the way.

When you call Texas Work Injury Attorney Hector Sandoval, he gets busy making sure you’re getting the medical care that your Employer’s insurance PLAN is not providing! Attorney Sandoval handles all types of work injuries against Texas Non-Subscriber Employers. Don’t let your employer, the insurance company or the doctors figure this one out for you!

Call Sandoval Law Firm at 346-347-7777 and put Sandoval to work for you!


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