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Big Truck or 18-Wheeler Crashes
Failing to follow the Truck Driver’s Special “Rules of Road”!

Being involved in crash with an 18-wheeler truck can have a traumatic effect on an individual. Serious injuries almost often result but, there are other lasting psychological effects as well. For a victim in an 18-Wheeler, getting in the car is never the same.

With so many products being shipped by truck and traveling through Texas, it’s not difficult to quickly count as many as fifty big trucks within minutes of getting on any major roadway. Big Trucks traveling on Texas roadways are the biggest hazards on the road. When there is a crash between an 18-wheeler truck and another vehicle, it’s always serious and there is never a question as to which vehicle received the most damage. Crashes between an 18-wheeler and passenger automobiles result in very serious debilitating injuries including trauma to the head, spine, amputations and even death.

Big truck crashes are not your ordinary car wreck. There are several issues that must be carefully investigated in order to determine whether the accident was caused by driver fatigue or negligence, negligent training or hiring, the truck’s lack of maintenance or even the failure to comply with specific federal regulations.

Because of the seriousness of the injuries that result from any crash involving a big truck, it is very difficult to have an opportunity to keep records of the events following the accident. The focus is almost never on how the accident occurred but rather, everyone is more concerned about getting medical personnel to the scene. Eventually, you may find yourself making your way into your lawyer’s office but, there are some steps you can take immediately following a crash with a big truck to protect your rights to file the claim or lawsuit in the future.

If you or a family member has been involved in a crash with an 18-Wheeler, the following steps should be taken:

Call 911 and then call a Close Family Member or Friend – The first thing you need to do is call emergency personnel immediately and get them to the scene of the crash. They need to get to work immediately to determine how the accident occurred and, they need to make sure everyone who needs it is getting the medical attention they need. Furthermore, with so much going on following a serious crash, it can be very difficult to take photographs, write notes, or make sure you ask the right questions. A family member or a close friend that can get to the scene of the wreck quickly can help you make sure you do everything that you need to do to get your life back on track after the crash.

Request Medical Attention and Follow up with Your Doctor – One thing that both big truck accident lawyers and the insurance company usually agree on, if you’re injured in a crash, you need to seek appropriate medical attention immediately. For a serious injury, those involving head or spine injuries, or broken bones, that means going to an emergency room at a good hospital.  Follow-up care may take place at a doctor’s office, but an initial evaluation of a serious injury should only be performed at a hospital emergency room. Although anyone who has been in car wreck understands that you don’t always feel the pain at the scene of an accident, you need to exercise good judgment in making the decision to go to the hospital on the day of the of the crash or, go a doctor the next day. Delaying your treatment could make your injury worse while also making more difficult to argue that the injuries are related to the crash.

Report the Incident! –Do not allow the other driver to talk you out of calling the police.  He or she may be trying to hide drug or alcohol use, or escape responsibility for the damages that have been caused.  Only the police can properly document a serious accident, which is often necessary to prove the facts of the accident. Additionally, if you give the truck driver time to change his or her story, nine times out of 10, they will deny any responsibility for causing the accident.

Save and Verify All Witness Information! – This is one of the most important steps you can take to assure yourself that the facts of a crash can easily be established. Make sure you obtain the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all witnesses that stop and tell you that they saw what happened. You need to get their names, addresses, phone numbers and verify that the contact information is correct. Call them at the site if you have to!

Document the Scene, Take Pictures! – Take photographs of anything that would help explain how the crash occurred, the damage that was done to your vehicle and, any visible injuries.

Call Texas 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer Hector L. Sandoval – Attorney Sandoval will review all the information involved in your case and give you a quick and honest evaluation of your case. Attorney Sandoval believes that both attorney and potential client should work together to determine if a case should be opened and, both should work towards an understanding as to what each can reasonably expect as an outcome for the case. Even if other lawyers have told you that you don’t have a case, Attorney Sandoval is willing to review your case and provide you with the explanation that you deserve!

If you have been injured by a reckless 18-Wheeler driver, don’t think that your case is just like any other car wreck. It’s important that we immediately inspect the area where the incident occurred.  Call Houston 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney Hector L. Sandoval and get the representation that you deserve! Sandoval Law Firm, PLLC helps injured wreck victims get their life back on track. Call 346-347-7777 for a free and informative consultation!

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