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Texas Premises Liability Injuries

In Texas, injuries that occur because of conditions or activities on the property owned or controlled by others are not the easiest cases to prove. The case law often supports a finding that the landowner has no liability for the resulting injuries. If you suffer a serious injury while on someone else’s premises, it’s essential that you sit down and explain the circumstances surrounding the injury-producing incident. The potential case you may have will be dependent on several factors including your status on the property and the reviewing whether it was a condition or activity that caused your injury.

In determining whether you should seek the opinion of a Houston personal injury attorney, you can begin by  considering whether your injury resulted from a dangerous condition on the premises and whether the owner or person that controlled those premises created the condition, knew of the defective condition or, had enough time to inspect and discover the condition such that they should have corrected the defect and would have avoided an injury like yours. The question in these types of cases often focuses on whether, considering the circumstances of the case, it could have reasonably been expected that the injury-producing condition could reasonably have been expected to be discovered and repaired.

Under another set of facts, your injury could also have been caused by a negligent employee’s actions when performing his or her work on the premises. If that employee acted imprudently when performing the work, the owner of the property could be held responsible for your injuries. It really depends on the specific facts of your case. Often, as Houston premises liability attorneys, our job is to match the facts with the cause of action that increases your likelihood of being successful in your injury case.

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